Flagstaff and Northern Arizona are served by Phoenix patent attorney Tom Galvani.  Tom represents clients across Arizona and the US, and works with clients by phone, video conferencing, and in-person meetings.  Tom maintains a steady client base in Nothern Arizona and is happy to speak with you about your patent or trademark needs.  Additionally, through Endurance Patents, Tom provides unique services to endurance sports clients.  Read below for more information about how Tom and Endurance Patents operate.

The process

  • Give the firm a call to set up a meeting or talk about your concerns immediately.  Tom will lay out a roadmap to address each issue.  You’ll go over estimates for the different options, talk about the pros and cons of each approach, and develop a clear path for you to take today and in the foreseeable future.  No consultation fee.


    You can a good get idea of what the next several months and several years have in hold, in terms of the amount of work, the estimated costs, and the potential for success.  This will allow you to decide whether making an investment in intellectual property is a worthwhile step for you.

  • Based on your discussion, Tom will send you a written quote for the work detailing the estimated costs involved, the amount and type of work to be done, and the general process involved. You can review the letter, call Tom with questions, and decide whether you want to proceed


    You’ll have certainly in your budget, and you’ll also have a document that you can refer to time and again to review how the process works, thus allowing you to track your case’s progress.

  • On receipt of your approval, Tom will begin working.  The work does not get farmed out to a junior associate.  If Tom has questions, he will call you.  If you have questions, you can call him.  There is no charge for phone calls, emails, or consultations.


    Because Tom will handle all of your work, he will have full knowledge of your case at all times.  That means you can call him anytime and know he doesn’t have to put you on hold or call you back while he consults with someone else about your matter.  It also means that he is ready to consider your entire portfolio, including how actions in one case may affect results in another.  The left hand always knows what the right is doing.

    By not charging for communication between you and the attorney, your interests are aligned with the firm’s.  When you have a question about your case, your first thought shouldn’t be about how much getting an answer is going to cost you.  Tom focuses on the work and not on the time being billed for the work.

  • Once the work is complete, Tom will forward it to you for your review.  It won’t be filed until you’ve approved it.  Once it is filed, Tom will send you complete filing details, and will let you know if any additional action is required on your part.  You’ll also get a final bill, with a total that actually looks like the initial quote.


    You’ve got predictability.  Unless the project changes drastically mid-stream or filing fees skyrocket, your budget is certain at the outset of the work and you won’t have any surprises at the end of the work.

    You have final approval.  If you have questions about diction, claim construction, goods identifications, call Tom to explain, and he will describe why a choice was made or why a particular strategy was taken.

    You will always know the status of your matter, because Tom will you know if additional action needs to be taken on your end.  If no action is required, sit back and wait for a communication.  Tom sends updates within a few days of receiving a communication from the Patent Office, so rest assured that you will be promptly informed.  If you do grow curious, send him an email and check in.

    Contact Tom!


Still Have Questions?

Contact Tom at 602-281-6481.  He’ll answer the phone directly and talk to you about your concerns and questions.